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Our Story


Cyrelian is a derivation of the word cerulean. Which itself is a derivation of two words of Latin origin meaning “blue” and “heaven, sky”.

Cyrelian are blue-sky thinkers in the modern world of cannabinoid-based pharmaceuticals.


Why Cannabis?

With a long history of working for major multinational organisations in the areas of phytopharmaceutical production, plant breeding, crop protection, regulation of prohibited plants and research and development the team were ready for a new challenge.

Cannabis has been featured heavily in current media stories with both the anecdotal and scientific evidence supporting its therapeutic value growing exponentially. Our team was driven to establish Cyrelian though their own personal stories, learning of others experiences and a healthy scientific curiosity about the plant, the compounds and how to help patients.

The introduction of a legislative framework for the medicinal use of cannabis will allow us to supply cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals of known quality and purity that are also affordable and readily available to the general patient population.


Tasmania, the ideal place

Cyrelian is a specialist pharmaceutical company, strategically based in the stunning island state of Tasmania, Australia.

Tasmania is home to some of the cleanest air and most pure water on the planet, it also has a moratorium on the cultivation of genetically modified organisms within the state. Tasmania has a long and prosperous history producing high quality plant based pharmaceuticals. For over 40 years the island state has produced up to 50% of the raw material for the global licit opioid medication market.

Our plants will be grown in state-of-the-art facilities using sustainable green energy. Our extraction process uses renewable and naturally occurring carbon dioxide and is free from any organic solvent residues. Our products will be manufactured and packaged under the stringent conditions of Good Manufacturing Practice. We do this in order to deliver to patients the quality product they require to protect their health and the planet.


Where to now?

Cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals are the new frontier of modern medicine. Cyrelian has a commitment to provide affordable, quality cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals to those patients that need it, backed by reliable quality scientific evidence.

Cyrelian has been issued a Federal licence to manufacture cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals. By partnering with world leading cultivators we have an end-to-end value chain to launch to market with quality products which are regulatory compliant, that will alleviate patients suffering right now.

Removing the need for patients to source products illegally with indeterminate quality and security of supply. Using a structured approach and leveraging our research and development partnerships we will expand our product offering to more sophisticated administration methods for a wider spectrum of ailments and disease, taking into account each patients unique pharmacogenetic profile to reduce unwanted potential side effects.