Cyrelian: Cannabinoid Based Pharmaceuticals

Research, Why It's Important?
Cyrelian continues to advance discussions with a number of medical research groups and maintains a strong focus on research, development and commercialisation opportunities.

Although there is evidence that cannabis has been used for therapeutic treatment for thousands of years, modern medical practices demand rigorous supporting evidence for efficacy and safety, particularly for new drug types.

Medical professionals and the wider medical community are repeatedly requesting more scientifically robust research and information regarding the use of cannabinoid therapy. They need this information in order to make the most informed and educated decision for their patient’s treatment.

Unfortunately to date, the sourcing of cannabinoid-based material for research groups to undertake studies has been significantly restricted due to the legislative environment both in Australia and overseas. With the positive changes to the Australian legislative environment we look forward to supporting the Australian medical research sector to lead the world in new scientific discoveries.

Cyrelian is dedicated to undertaking and supporting research and clinical studies to provide further evidence for the role of cannabinoid based pharmaceuticals in modern patient care.